Pemko 412DRL Surface Automatic Door - 9/16" Width, 1-15/16" Height Sponge Neoprene Insert Bottom Dark Bronze


Pemko Length: -36" Long
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Pemko 412DRL Surface Mounted Automatic Door Bottom 9/16" Width, 1-15/16" Height Sponge Neoprene Insert Dark Bronze Anodized Alum, Pemko 412DRL Automatic door bottoms consist of an aluminum case that surrounds a movable drop-bar seal. The 412DRL drop-bar seal is actuated by a plunger that contacts the jamb as the door is closing, forcing the drop-bar to seal down against the floor or threshold


  • When the plunger contacts the jamb, the drop bar seal actuates from the hinge side first allowing multiple compression points
  • The plunger requires a low undefinedFeatherTouchundefined closing force to actuate the drop bar seal. The "L" at the end of all product numbers stands for Low closing force
  • End plates are provided for all mounting applications
  • All Pemko - automatic door bottoms are provided with net length
  • Stock length - Automatic door bottoms can be trimmed as much as 2"

Available Finishes:

C - Clear Anodized Aluminum

D - Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum

G - Gold Anodized Aluminum

Insert Type:

Sponge Neoprene


9/16" (14.3 mm)


1-15/16" (49.2 mm)




BHMA Certified


Underwriters Laboratory 4L10

Fire Rated - UL10C - Positive Pressure

Other Certifications:

Air Infiltration Tested

Sound Tested - ASTM E90

Smoke Tested - UL1784

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