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Continuous Door Hinges

Our continuous door hinges come in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. They are ideally used to resolve alignment problems, such as door sag and binding. A continuous hinge can eliminate these problems by distributing load stress uniformly along the full length of the door and frame. The low operating force feature in continuous hinges makes them ideal for doors used by the physically challenged. 

The geared design of the continuous hinge ensures symmetrical operation of each leaf. This along with the full-length channel cap seals the gap commonly seen between door and frame, which provides security against prying.

Ideally both door and frame are manufactured and reinforced to receive a continuous hinge. A high degree of security can be achieved for exterior openings or restricted spaces by using a continuous hinge. However, the continuous hinge may not need added reinforcement when installed on standard steel doors and frames. Consult with the specific manufacturer to confirm. 

We stock full mortise, half surface, half mortise, full surface, and hospital tip continuous hinges. Some manufacturers of the continuous hinge for commercial doors are: Pemko, Markar, ABH, Hager. See manufacturers specifications for recommended use to ensure proper application.