Door Protection

Door protection covers commercial door hardware that consists of several different solutions to protect a commercial door from damage. Kick plates are one of the most common door protection products.. Door kick plates protect the bottom of the door from various forms of damage including dents on the door panel from people that open or close doors with their feet. Door kick plates are made of stainless steel and come in a variety of finishes.  

Quality Door also carries other door protection options including; edge guards, latch protectors, and exit device products. Edge guards, or corner guards, are installed on the edge of the door between the door and door frame. A corner guard is commonly known to be used on a car door to protect the paint of the car, but is also used for protection on a commercial door. They will protect the door edge from surface damage and wear and tear. 

Latch protectors are installed near the handle. Latch protectors add security by having another layer near the lock and protecting the door from wear and tear. Exit device protection products help protect an exit door from dings and scratches and wear and tear. Typically all door protection products are stainless steel and can be used on wood doors, metal doors, exit doors, and fire rated doors. Door protectors are great for safety and buildings with a lot of traffic.