Pemko 297AS-96 - Astragal Perimeter Gasketing with Black Silicone insert, 96" Length Mill Finish Aluminum


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Pemko 297AS-96 is a 96" long Astragal Perimeter Gasketing with Black Silicone insert in Mill Aluminum Finish.

Pemko 297AS-96 Features

  • Astragal/Perimeter Gasketing
  • Insert: Silicone
  • Length: 96"
  • Material: Mill Finish Aluminum
  • ANSI Aluminum: R3E164, R3E165
  • Rigid jamb weatherstrip is shown mounted on openings with a 1/16" gaps; however, each weatherstrip can seal gaps up to the depth of its seal
  • Seal depth provided on each illustration
  • Punched on 6" centers with slotted holes for adjustment
  • Stainless steel fasteners are provided.
  • When installing pairs of fire doors care must be taken to maintain the requirements of NFPA 80
  • Category J gaskets for use with listed steel frames and/or classified steel covered composite, hollow metal doors rated up to and including 3 hours; wood and plastic covered composite doors rated up to and including 1-1/2 hours; and wood core doors rated for 20 minutes

Pemko 297AS-96 Certifications

UL: Fire Rated - UL10C - Positive Pressure
BHMA: BHMA Certified
Smoke: Smoke Tested - UL1784

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