Pemko 182A Offset Door Saddle Threshold - 7" Width, 1" Height, Mill Finish Aluminum


Pemko Length: -36" Long
Sale price$99.59/ea

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Pemko 182A Offset Door Saddle Thresholds Have a 7" Width, 1" Height, Come in 36", 48", 72", and 96" Lengths in Mill Finish Aluminum. Pemko 182A Half Saddle/Offset Saddle thresholds are supplied predrilled, with #10-24 Phillips, flat head machine screws of appropriate length, Half Saddle/Offset Saddle thresholds are commonly used to meet with an irregular floor surface. These shapes are often used when a threshold is required to meet with a tile or carpet on one side.

Installation - 1. Measure the width of the door opening from jamb to jamb and stop to stop and mark ends of the threshold for trimming.                                                                                            2. Trim ends of threshold to fit around door jambs and stops.                                                    3. Drill pilot holes in the floor through pre-drilled holes in the threshold.                                  4. Caulk ends of threshold and under the full length of legs (important for effective sealing and moisture control).                                                                                                                  5. Secure threshold to the floor with supplied screws. (When fastening to concrete, use anchors; anchors not included.)

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