Yale 6100-A-ALR-36-630 Alarmed A-ALR Exit Only Device, Exit only, US32D Satin Stainless Steel , Exit only Trim Sold Separately

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Yale 6100-A-ALR-36-630 Alarmed ALR Exit Only Device, Exit only  US32D/630 Satin Stainless Steel Finish, Exit only Trim Sold Separately

The 6100-A-ALR-36-630 is a Grade 1 Rim Panic Wide Stile, A or ALR stands for Alarmed, 36 bar length for a 33"-36" door widths, This panic is exit only and the Trim is sold separately. The Finish is a US32D/630 Satin Stainless Steel. 


More Information on the Alarm Functionality

-Alarm Kit “A” /“A-ALR” Activation: The alarm is armed by turning the key clockwise. A low audible chirp indicates the alarm has been activated.

-The alarm will sound when the exit device push pad is depressed. Factory preset for standard alarm mode which automatically resets after 5 minutes.

-Continuous Alarm Mode: The alarm sounds continuous when the exit device push pad is depressed. The alarm must be manually reset by a key switch. (This feature is selected by a switch on the circuit board.)

-Low Battery Warning: Audible chirp. Nuisance Alarm: Factory preset for instant alarm. Selectable feature for the alarm to sound when the push pad is depressed for more than 2 seconds. (This feature is selected by a switch on the circuit board.)

-Arming Delay/Authorized Egress: 10-second delay (after arming) permitting egress (by turning the key clockwise).


Physical Appearance Wide Stile Pushpad
Device Type Rim
Device Length 36"
Switch Type Touchbar Monitor
Includes Trim No
Minimum Stile Size 4-1/2 In.
Door Material Metal or Wood
Door Width 33 In. - 36 In.
Door Thickness 1-3/4 In.
Fire Rated No
Reversible Yes
Alarmed Yes

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