Sargent 65U65 Cylindrical Lever Lock Privacy / Bathroom Function, K Rose 3-3/8" Diameter, L Lever, Optional Finishes


Lever: L Contour Angled Return
Finish: US26D-626 Satin Chrome
Rose: K Wrought - 3-3/8" Dia (Standard)
Sale price$191.40/ea

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Sargent 65U65 Cylindrical Lever Lock Privacy / Bathroom Function, K Rose 3-3/8" Diameter, L Lever, Optional Finishes

Privacy or Bathroom Function:

• Latch by either lever unless outside lever is locked by push button in inside lever
• Turning inside lever or closing door releases button
• Emergency button in outside lever unlocks, with use of a blade screwdriver outside lever and releases inside button
• Bathroom key (P/N 6267EMK) supplied only when ordered separately


6500-Line Bored Lever Locks

Windstorm certified and has several function options.

The SARGENT 6500 Line is a standard duty key-in-lever lock designed to exceed the requirements of ANSI A156.2 Series 4000 Grade 2.

  • For Doors: 1 3/8" (35mm) to 1-3/4" (44mm) only
  • Backset: 2 3/4" (70mm) standard; 2-3/8" (60mm) optional (20- Prefix) 
  • Cylindrical Housing: Steel zinc dichromate finish 
  • Front: Wrought brass and stainless steel;
  • 2 1/4" (57mm) x 1-1/8"(29mm) 
  • Strike: 600 Curved Lip, Brass or Stainless Steel Standard, 808 ANSI Curved Lip available (28- prefix), 505 Full Lip strike available (14- prefix)
  • Hand: Universal, not handed
  • Latch: Brass 1/2" (13mm) throw
  • Keys: Two, nickel silver
  • Cylinder: Brass, 6 pins, LA keyway standard
  • Finishes : 3, 4, 10, 10B, 26, 26D
  • (No Split Finish)
  • Door Prep: ANSI A115.2 (161) Modified
  • Minimum Stile: 4-1/2" (114mm)
Manufacturer Sargent
SKU 65U65 KL
Grade Grade 2
Installation Commercial
Origin United States
Unit of Measure Each
Application Medium Duty Cylindrical
Base Material Brass, Bronze
UL Listing Type ANSI A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2, UL Listed
ANSI Number F76
Limited Warranty 10 Year Warranty
Fire Rated 3 Hours {A}
Burglar Rated No
Function 65 Privacy Function
Function Family Privacy
ANSI Function Privacy
Lever/Knob Design L Lever
Lever/Knob Design Family Straight Return Lever
Rose/Escutcheon Design
3 3/8" Rose Diameter
Rose/Escutcheon Dimensions 3 3/8"
Cylinder Type
Num Pins Optional
Key(s) Optional
Num of Keys 2
Handing Non-handed
Door Thickness 1 3/8" to 1 3/4"
Std. Latch Number 103121
Std. Latch Type Deadlatch
Std. Latch Backset Dim 2 3/4"
Latch Bore Diameter 1"
Lock Face Size 1 1/8" x 2 1/4"
Bolt Projection 1/2"
Bore Hole Diameter 2 1/8"
Std. Strike Number 808
Std. Strike Type ANSI Curved Lip Strike
Std. Strike Height 4 7/8"
Std. Strike Width 1 1/4"
Dust Box None
Screws Wood/Machine Screws
Product Type Cylindrical Lock


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