Sargent 1560 EN Surface Mount Electromagnetic Door Holder, Aluminum


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Sargent 1560 EN Surface Mount Electromagnetic Door Holder, EN Aluminum Finish

Sargent 1560 Surface Mounted Electromagnetic Door Holders are Fail-Safe devices designed to hold open self-closing smoke and fire doors until released by fire protection or another control system. Holders are well suited for applications where there is insufficient space for Fire Guards. Comes in EN Sprayed Aluminum Finish.


  • Designed for use with self-closing fire and smoke barrier doors
  • Use independently or with any fire or smoke detector system
  • When de-activated, helps control the spread of fire and smoke by automatically releasing doors from an open position for simultaneous closing
  • Fail-safe device: When electrical power fails, doors will release to close automatically
  • Conforms to devices outlined in National Fire Protection Agency Standards Nos. 80 and 101
  • Designed to work with SARGENT door closers
  • Recommended vertical location is on the top rail of the door  within 6" of the lock stile edge
  • When applications will not allow wall or floor magnets, consult the Sargents FireGuard catalog for our line of Electronic Closer Holders
  • Fits the standard outlet box
  • Holding force  35 lbs typical
  • Voltage and Current: 120 VAC, 60 Hz., .020 amp 24 VAC/DC, 60 Hz., .020 amp 12 VDC, .040 amp
  • EN Sprayed Aluminum Finish
ANSI: ANSI A156.15
UL: UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards

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