Sargent 12-3828-E Fire Rated Rim Exit Device, Exit only, 24-32" Device, Non-Handed


Finish: EB-690 Dark Bronze Enamel
Sale price$576.94/ea

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The Sargent 12-3828-E is a 32" Fire Rated Wide Stile Rim Exit Device that is Exit Only when just a Bar, but can be Multi-Function when paired with Sargent 28 Series Trims, is Less Dogging, and is for use with 24"-32" door widths. The Sargent 12-3828-E Is Non-Handed and its Seven Functions are Determined By The Function Of The Trim. 

Multi-Function Device: Trims below decide the function of the device;
Lever Trims:
  • 28-C-LL Classroom Key in lever locks or unlocks lever.
  • 28-K-LL Night Latch - Key in Lever Retracts latchbolt.
  • 28-N-LL Night Latch - Lever operates only when key is in cylinder and turned.
  • 28-D-LL Dummy - Lever Rigid at all times & no outside trim
  • 28-L-LL Passage - Latchbolt operated by lever. (No Cylinder)
Knob Trims:
  • 28-C-OB Classroom Key in knob locks or unlocks knob.
  • 28-K-OB Night Latch - Key in knob retracts latchbolt.
  • 28-L-OB Passage - Latchbolts operated by knob. (No Cylinder)
Pull and Plate Trims:
  • 814-HTB Night Latch -Outside by pull and key. (3828 only)
  • 810-GTB Exit Only with Pull - Outside pull when push bar is locked down.
  • 802-GTB Exit Only - Black plate to cover 161 cutout.

Sargent 3828 Series Rim Exit Devices
A rugged exit device in a rim design.

  • Outside Trim: 28 series lever and rose trims, GTB Pulls and plates, OB knob and trims, and Thumb Piece trims
  • Mounting: Furnished standard with wood and machine screws; Available with through bolts and mortise nuts
  • Cover: steel
  • Chassis: Nonferrous alloy 
  • Rail Assembly: Roll formed steel
  • End Cap: Steel
  • Hand: Non-handed 
  • Latchbolt: Stainless steel 3/4" (19mm) throw
  • Strike: 649 packed standard
  • Dogging Feature: Allen-type key furnished standard (non-fire rated devices only)


Manufacturer Sargent
SKU 12-3828E
Unit of Measure Each
Finish 689/US28 or 690/US20
Finish Description Aluminum Painted or Dark Bronze Painted

Physical Appearance Wide Stile Pushpad
Device Type Rim
Mechanical Function Exit Only
Device Length 32"
Hand Non-Handed
Dogging Options Less Dogging
Includes Trim No
Trim Type Less trim
Includes Cylinder(s) No
Cylinder Type Non-Keyed
Door Width 24" to 32"
Fire Rated Yes
Reversible Yes
Product Type Rim Exit Devices

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