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Peek-O 595 Revolving Door Viewer - US26D Satin Chrome Finish

PEEK-OSKU: Peeko59526D

Sale price$89.00/ea

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Why is a Peek-O door viewer needed?

  • Home safety is one of the top priorities in everyone's life, a single burglary can harm personal property to a great extent.
  • For individuals considering enhancing the security of their homes, Peeko door viewers are the best optical security devices made in the USA.
  • Homes with one or multiple entrances can benefit from the presence of these quality peepholes, creating a safer environment.
  • Peek-O door peepholes are designed with a fish-eye lens technology that allows very little visibility from the outside, protecting everybody inside the property.
  • Peek-0 595 Revolving Door Viewer provides 140-degree visibility outside your front door.
  • The Peek-O 595 is designed for doors 1" to 2" in thickness.
  • The actual size of the hole to be drilled is 2-3/8"".
  • Revolves to provide an extra measure of safety a 40-degree extra view Stamped brass components; Finest crystal glass lenses.
  • Enhances front door hardware
  • Comes in a Satin Chrome finish.

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