Dormakaba E-Plex 5000 Series Cylindrical Locks (Grade 1 - Extra Heavy Duty)

DormakabaSKU: E5031B

Finish: -US26D, Satin Chrome
Simplex Locking Device: 1, Cylindrical 1/2" (13 mm) throw latch, floating face plate, 2-3/4" (70 mm) backset
Simplex Key Override: B, Best and Equivalents (6 or 7 pin Length)
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Dormakaba E-PLEX 5000 Series

Cylindrical Lever Locksets
Grade 1 - Extra Heavy Duty

The Kaba E-Plex 5000 series has a Cylindrical 1/2" (13 mm) throw latch, floating faceplate, and comes with a 2-3/4" backset.

Built on over 40 years of experience, the new E-Plex by Kaba combines the strength, simplicity, and reliability of our industry-leading Simplex locks with the enhanced security and convenience of electronic access control. The E-Plex 5000 is ideal for securing sensitive access points in multiple settings, especially locations with high user turnover. You'll appreciate fully audited access control without the costs and problems of issuing, managing, and collecting keys or magnetic cards. It's never been easier to power up your access control.

Dormakaba E-PLEX 5000 Features

  • Simple to install, use and maintain
  • Requires no wire through the door
  • Non-handed; pre-assembled for left-hand door installations & mdash; easily changed in the field
  • 100 access codes
  • Extensive audit trail
  • Programmable passage mode
  • Optional easy-to-use Excel-based software
  • Three-year warranty from lock activation date
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 compliant

Kaba E-PLEX 5000 Specifications

Access Control: Electronic pushbutton lock-eliminates problems and costs associated with issuing, controlling, and collecting keys and cards. Provides exterior access by combination, while allowing free egress. No Wires: E-Plex's Patented LectroBolt  eliminates running wires to or through the door-no risk of damage from pinched wires that can result in costly callbacks Locking Device Options:  Cylindrical latch with 3-hour UL/ULC fire rating. Rim Exit Device: Compatible with most leading brands of Exit Devices(Exit Device and Mounting Hardware not included) American Standard Mortise: With 1" (25 mm) and 11/4" (32 mm) faceplate; with and without deadbolt Number of Codes: Multiple Users-100 Codes; upgrades to 300 codes with optional software Programming: Locks are programmed via keypad or with optional Microsoft Excel-based software-Simplifies management of doors and users as the facility's number of users and access points grow Handing: Non-handed; pre-assembled for left-hand door installations-easily changed in the field Key Override: Key-in-Lever/Knob cylinders, small format interchangeable cores, large format removable cores Operation Modes: PIN access Passage-can be toggled on/off or can be pre-programmed to re-lock after a certain number of hours Lockout Authority Levels: Five different levels allow you to control who has access to specific lock functions, including Service Codes-programmed for one-time access or "come-and-go" access for 1-to-24 hours User Parameters: Code length-Adjustable to accept 4 to 8 digits Anti-tamper lockout-Adjustable from 3 to 9 invalid attempts with an adjustable period of 0 to 90 seconds Re-lock time-Adjustable from 2 to 20 seconds Battery Operation: Batteries located in interior housing cover; offers quick and easy battery replacement for institutions (Four AA Alkaline batteries provide up to180,000 cycles). Lock data is maintained if batteries fail. Ease of Installation: LectroBolt (patent pending) eliminates wiring to or through the door-no risk of pinched wires Exit Device Compatibility : Arrow S1250Arrow S3800Corbin Russwin 5200/5200ADetex 10/F10Dorma 9300/9300FMonarch 18R/F-18RPrecision 21/FL 21Sargent 2828Sargent 3828Sargent 8800Sargent 8888Von Duprin 22/22FVon Duprin 98/98FVon Duprin 99/99FYale 7100 Construction: Extra heavy-duty Grade 1 lock; cylindrical lockset, solid cast housings; solid cast zinc levers, cylindrical drive wear-tested for extensive use in indoor and outdoor applications Numeric Keypad: Vandal resistant, solid metal pushbuttons Handing: Non-handed; pre-assembled for left-hand door installation-easily changed in the field Standard Finishes: Satin Chrome 626 (26D) housings and levers, Black 676 housings with Satin Chrome 626 (26D) levers and accents Optional Finishes: Satin Brass 606 (04), Dark Bronze 744 with Brass Accents, Bright Brass 605 (03), and Bright Chrome 625 (026) Backset : Cylindrical: 2 3/4" (70 mm) backset, 2 3/8" (60 mm) backset Mortise: 2 3/4" (70 mm) backset Exit Trim Model: Varies by exit device Latches : Cylindrical Models:1/2" (13 mm) throw latch,3/4" (19 mm) throw latch (optional)Mortise Models:3/ " (19 mm) latch, 1" (25 mm) deadbolt (optional) Minimum Stile Required: 5" (127 mm) Weight: Cylindrical and Mortise Models: 8 lbs (3.63 kg) Exit Trim Models: 10 lbs (4.54 kg) Key Override: Universal Key-in-Lever Cylinders: Includes Kaba 1599 6-pin cylinder (prepped to Kaba 90 or Schlage "C" Keyway, keyed differently) and tailpieces for compatibility with: Interchangeable Cores: Small format-Best and equivalent (6 or 7-pin length)Removable Cores: Large format-Medeco/ASSA/Yale (5 or 6-pin), Corbin Russwin, Schlage, and Sargent Abloy 5277Abloy 5477Arrow C100ASSA 65611ASSA 65691Corbin Russwin 2000-03Kaba 1539Kaba 1599Kaba Gemini 4730Kaba Peaks 1099MarksMedeco 20W200H1Sargent 10 Line Schlage 23-001Schlage Primus 20-760Australian: Kaba expert 107K5and Boyd KC286European: QuattroS/Expert an AP2(5 and 6-pin) Ease of Installation: LectroBolt & trade; (patent pending) eliminates wiring to or through the door-no risk of pinched wires Door Preparation: Easily installs on wood or metal doors; Four-bolt installation; No wiring Door Thickness: Cylindrical Model: 13/8" (35 mm) to 2 1/4" (57 mm); pre-assembled to accommodate doors 15/ " (41 mm) to 2" (51 mm); hardware kits included for thin and thick doors Exit Trim and Mortise Models: 13/4" (44 mm) to 2 1/4" (57 mm). Pr-assembled to accommodate doors13/4" (44 mm) to 2 1/8" (54 mm) Items Supplied Include: Installation manual, quick reference guide, operations manual, full-scale template, required installation hardware, and tailpiece for specified key override Additional Items Supplied with Key-in-Lever cylinder model only: Includes Universal Kaba 1599 6-pin cylinder with tailpiece, four additional tailpieces, two nickel-silver keys, and spare cylinder retainer Battery: Batteries located in interior housing; provides quick and easy battery replacement for institutions; Four AA batteries provide up to 180,000 cycles Indicators: Audible and visual indicators; low battery visual indicator Audit Capability: 3,000 Events; upgrades to 9,000 events with optional software

Dormakaba E-PLEX 5000 Certifications

Accessibility Standard: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Fire Rating: 3-hour, UL/ULC fire door rating for "A" labeled doors Durability: ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified (A156.25, A156.2, A156.13, A156.3) Environmental : Indoor/Outdoor ApprovedFront Housing: -31 ° F (-35 ° C) to + 151 ° F (66 ° C)Rear Housing: -31 ° F (-35 ° C) to + 130 ° F (55 ° C) Warranty: 3-year warranty from date of installation; built-in warranty counter inlock memory

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