Corbin Russwin ED8200-48-689 48" Panic Listed Rim Exit Device, Aluminum


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The Corbin Russwin ED8200 48" 689 Rim Exit Device Panic Bar Silver Alum Painted Finish- With Hex Key Dogging are made of Heavy-duty steel construction and Grade 1 performance, this rim exit panic device meets rigorous life safety and security requirements, while offering pleasing aesthetics and trouble-free operation. All Corbin Russwin ED8200 48" 689 Silver Alum Painted Finish are designed for high-use, high-abuse situations. 3/4" latchbolt, Standard on Corbin ED8200 devices: single point 1/4 turn dogging. Institutional, EDU s , Goverment, Retail, Hotels, Factories, Labs, Ect.

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