Bobrick B262-130 Optional Towel Mate Accessory


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This unit is built with stainless steel and has a 2B finish
Reduces paper waste by 20% - 40%


  • Black nylon support rod prevents papers from bulging, sagging or falling through the opening
  • Complies with US EPA Reduce & Reuse Resource Conservation Initiative
  • Universally fits Bobrick's and other Manufacturers' similar models
  • Retrofits into installed towel dispensers


Materials: TowelMate Module - 18-8 S, Type 304, 24-gauge (0.6mm) stainless steel with 2B finish
TowelMate Support Rod - Black, 3/8" (10mm) diameter Nylon 6/6 Rod fastened to Module with two stainless steel sheet metal screws
Operation: Optional Towel Mate Accessory fits into Bobrick Model Number(s) B-262, B-2620, B-2621, B-26212 Classic Series Paper Towel Dispensers. Towel Mate Accessory Support Rod allows dispenser to dispense paper towels one at a time without tabbing, tearing, bulging, sagging or bunching. To load paper towels in towel tray, place stacks of folded paper towels inside module with bottom paper towel leaf facing forward. Feed first sheet from bottom of the towel tray opening over the rod and through the opening to conceal rod and start dispense
Size: 10-9/16" (270mm) w x 1-3/4" (45mm) h x 2-1/4" (55mm) d
Installation: Open door of towel cabinet and remove all existing paper towels from dispenser. For installation into Gamco models, remove (2) screws and relocate rod to rear holes in adapter bracket using the furnished spacers (2) assembled between the Support Rod ends and the adapter bracket before securing screws in place. Remove protective film from double back tape on the back of Towel Mate Accessory. Position Towel Mate Support Rod evenly over the towel tray opening and firmly press Towel Mate Module into dispenser cabinet back. Load stacks of paper towels into cabinet, start dispense, close cabinet door


US EPA Complies with US EPA Reduce & Reuse Resource Conservation Initiative

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