Alarm Lock DL4100 Trilogy Digital Keypad Privacy Lock


Alarm Lock Finish: -/26D, Satin Chrome
Alarm Lock Cylinder: Standard Key Override (K.O.)
Alarm Lock Keyway: Schlage "C" Keyway (SC1)
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Alarm Lock DL4100 Trilogy Digital Keypad Lock with Straight Lever Trim for Privacy and Residency Functions.
The Alarm Lock DL4100 Trilogy Lock is grade 1 heavy-duty and accepts most IC cores.

Alarm Lock Trilogy 4100 Series electronic pushbutton locks with Privacy and Residency features with PIN, Electronic battery operated digital lock. Holds up to 2000 codes, Master, Management, Supervisor & basic user. Multiple user codes. 500 event schedule, real-time clock & 40,000 event audit trail. The privacy feature will lock out all users for a programmed amount of time. The residency feature allows exiting without having to lock the door.
At the first sign of trouble outside, with just one button and virtually no special training or knowledge required, faculty and/or students of all ages can simply press Trilogy's inside 'privacy' button to lock out unauthorized access, instantly locking down a classroom or area, all while remaining safely within the room. There is no need to open the door, nor use a special key, since the fingertip-activated button is located on the inside door, i.e., the same side as classroom occupants. Trilogy's lockdown function automatically disables free passage through the door and even locks out general PIN user codes, since routine Trilogy keypad access is temporarily suspended whenever the privacy button is activated (even when the lock is time-scheduled for free-access mode).

Instantly, a lock-down override code, however, will reactivate the pushbutton keypad and enable authorized teachers/staff, outside the classroom, to readily bypass the lockout function at any time, should students, etc. accidentally or purposefully activate lockdown mode. (In fact, all master and management codes (11) will permit instant access to the Trilogy protected area.)

All locks that accept an interchangeable core are furnished less core.

Alarm Lock DL4100 Specifications
Lock Type: Cylindrical
Users: 2000
Code Length: 3-6 digits
Keypad: All-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button.
Operation: PRIVACY: After entering with a PIN passcode the user simply pushes the privacy button on the back of the lock (inner door). Doing so assures privacy, as the lock will not open from the front entry side, until the user exits (the door is reopened from the inside), or optionally, the privacy session times-out following a preset duration
RESIDENCY: For residency applications, where accidental resident lock-outs are a concern, or where frequent trips in and out make unlocking the door with code impractical, the residency feature can also be turned on at the lock's keypad. This programmable Residency feature allows users to exit their premises, closing the door behind them and the lock will remain unlocked until it is physically, consciously relocked, with a PIN. This free-exit/passage mode enabled by the residency feature is a welcome convenience for those needing to make several trips in and out of a unit, room or building, and is likewise ideal for residents who may repeatedly

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