Alarm Lock 103 24V AC or DC Powered Fail-Safe Electric Deadbolt, Aluminum


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Alarm Lock 103 24V AC or DC Powered Fail-Safe Electric Deadbolt

For use with all PG10, PG21/E, PG30, 250, 700, 80, 260, 710 and 715 models.

The PP100 conserves the battery which automatically takes over as the power source to sound the alarm in the event of a power failure or intentional cut-off. A built-in circuit breaker with push-button reset eliminates troublesome fuse replacements.

Includes a cam lock cylinder and 6 of armored cable adequate to provide a door loop at the hinged side of the door. Can be used with all 6V and 9V models.

Alarm Lock 103 Fail-Safe Electric Deadbolt

  • 24V AC or DC power
  • Fail-safe bolt retracts when power is off
  • Complete with angle, mortise or flush mount strike
  • Use with standard key or push button switch
  • Molded aluminum cover
  • Requires 400mA
  • Powered by a continuous duty solenoid
  • 5/8" diameter and 5/8" projection
  • Includes 3 strikes and magnets 1.75" Width x 6.75" Length (including keeper)

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