Aiphone LEM-3 3-Call Surface Mt Master Station


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Aiphone LEM-3 3-Call Surface Mt Master Station

Aiphone Intercom LEM-3. Audio only, hands-free intercom system. 3-Call Surface Mt Master Station

The LEF Series is a selective calling open voice, an audio-only system with the capacity of up to 11 total stations. The system can be designed to meet a wide variety of needs, including any combination of master and sub stations, up to its maximum capacity.

LEM Audio Hands-Free Intercom System

LEM System is an open voice communication and has a pish-to-talk master. LE Substations, either door or room substation.

  • Power Supply: AC 12-16V or DC 12-24V
  • Communication: Sub calls in with tone, press TALK button to reply, sub called by tone or voice, hands-free as sub (with LEM-3: LED, 20 sec., depress selector button)
  • Communication Output: 350mW output
  • Wiring: Door/Sub to master: 2-cond., overall shield
  • Distance: Door/Sub to farthest master: 650' (22AWG) 1,600 (18AWG)
  • Wire Type: Aiphone #822202 or Aiphone #821802


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